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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Easy Little Party Tip- Cute Colorful Containers!

If you're like me and hosting parties and playdates and family get togethers with a bunch of small kids, then a lot of your food ends up being boring everyday packaged grocery store faire like string cheese, fruit snacks, and the ever-popular and oh-so-lame goldfish!  The genius about these items is that they're cheap and easy.... and they'll actually get eaten (unlike the fancy homemade granola bars you found on Pinterest and slaved over the night before!).  The not so great thing is that they are about as exciting as the crackers smashed in the bottom of your diaper bag.  Well, since things like this are can't-be-helped staples, here's an easy tip for how to make these (and anything else, for that matter!) look fun and feel special.... even when they're not!  

So now for one of my easiest party tips ever... CUTE COLORFUL CONTAINERS!  
Add these little containers to your table to add a fun pop of color and make even boring treats look festive and appealing!
Photo by Kelly Little
Start by picking up some little pails..... You can find these anywhere and everywhere and for every season!  Check out the dollar bins at Target first.  Last year I bought some cute red, white and blue polka dot and striped tins there for cheap that were perfect for July 4th!  Hobby Lobby, Party City, and Michaels all have great selections too, and they're usually $0.99-$1.99 a piece.  The summery tins featured here were in the party section at Hobby Lobby.

For this playdate, I also found this cute large bin at Michaels, and, with my 40% off coupon, it was a great bargain.  I stuffed an old deflated inner-tube (seriously!) in the bottom to fill up all the space, then covered it in ice and stuck a layer of water bottles and Capri Suns on top.  So much more fun than a grubby ice chest!

(But don't feel like everything you're serving needs to be in a fun container.  A little row of colorful tins in front of your other goodies will be enough to add some pizazz to your table.)

And just for fun.... here's another example using cheap plastic rainbow-colored pails to make ordinary snacks look cute and fun!  These were from Party City and filled with simple treats like animal crackers and goldfish (my fav!).  So easy!
Photo by Kelly Little

Photo by Kelly Little
Happy Little Party ! !

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