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Friday, September 13, 2013

Little Party Feature- Candyland 1st Birthday Party

I'm so excited to share this a-DOR-able Candyland 1st Birthday Party with you!  This was put together by my friend, Jennifer Lemmo, for her precious daughter, and I just love it!  This is such a fun and unique theme... classic, colorful and sweet!  

Some of my fav little details...
- The gumball topiaries!
- The colorful candy bar
- Amazing fondant cake
- Super cute candy themed party favors!

First and foremost, check out the topiaries made entirely of gumballs... so whimsical and fun!  And I also love the colorful oversized candies and lollipop center pieces.  

How fun is this candy bar?!  Filling containers with cute candy is such an easy way to make a party festive... and grouping it all together like this makes such a sweet statement!  Candy can also serve as a party favor for guests.

Wow, this cake is fantastic!  I love the gameboard details around the bottom layer, and of course, all the fondant candies.  Too cute!  And check out the birthday girl's smash cake below... love that darling cherry on top!

These party favors are so precious!  I love the big cans of tootsie rolls and the felt gingerbread accents.  

Jennifer did such a great job on this party, and I'm so glad she let me share it with you!  As you know, I just love all things colorful and sweet, and this Candyland Party is just my style!  Using the classic Candyland game as a backdrop is such an inspired twist on a candy party.  What a fun way to celebrate birthdays for kids of all ages!  

Happy Little Party ! ! ! 

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