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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Need a night with just the ladies?!  How about a Girls Night IN!

This night was all about fun with the girls as hot pink and zebra print set the stage for cupcakes and cherry vodka limeade martinis!  YUM!

All the girls came dressed in their PJ's for this relaxing night in... we had pizza, ate cupcakes, drank delicious cherry vodka limeades in sugar-rimmed martini glasses, and laughed until we cried.... what a fun night! 

The drinks and sweets took center stage on our table with extra touches of confetti, a handmade flower ball and candles.  Before the guests arrived, we added sugar rims and cherries to all the glasses for a bright pop of color.  Scroll down for how to rim your glasses and how to make a festive flower ball!

One of my favorite touches was the sugar rimmed martini glasses.  They're just so girly and fun!  And who knew making COLORED SUGAR could be so easy!  

Here's what you do..... throw the desired amount of sugar in a ziploc bag.  Dip a toothpick in pink gel food coloring (I used Wilton brand found at Michael's, Walmart, etc), and add the gel to the bag of sugar.  Then just shake, press and toss around until the color has dispersed.  So sweet and easy!  

To make the sugar stick to the glasses, we dipped the rims in the cherry juice then rolled it in the colored sugar.  

And for the final touch.... I just love this FUN FLOWER BALL!  It is surprisingly easy to make and can be done in any color you can think of!  I made this hot pink one just for fun one day, and was so happy with how cute it looked on this Girls Night table.  It added the special touch we needed!  Click here for the tutorial I followed to make it.

This turned out to be such a memorable night with the girls... and ended up being way more fun than going out!  We had lots of girl talk, played games (Never Have I Ever, anyone?!) and even recruited my husband for a hysterical round of Catch Phrase!  

What a..... HAPPY LITTLE PARTY ! ! !

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